20 months old!


You are stringing your thoughts together and starting to have “conversations” with us. So many words coming out of your mouth and every day- I can’t keep up! Here is a list of the newest or most used.

Down and Up! We waited a long time for “up” and now you use it when needed. “dad! Bau? Bau! Bau! Dad bau” when you want to play ball.

Bap Bap Pleash! (Apple Please!)

Train, Grey, white, red, bileu (blue) green,  ten, “one, two, free” Say various letters by name Q, B, D….

Stop, Go! (Especially in car when light turns green), RowRow (Rail Road), wait, “wait then go” at yield, arro (arrow) one way, wrong way, Bus!

Snow and snowmen are “Noey” and new favorite book, Little Red Caboose is “Boo”

Paci? (In what sounds like a French accent) Wovey (Lovey)

Points to outlets and says “Owwie”

Points to beer bottle, soda can, coffee mugs and says “Yucky!”

Woa woa (water) Baybee, MauMau (cats) Nope, Ma sometimes Moon

Yogi (yogurt), juice, geeps (grapes), bebees (blueberries) rocli (broccoli) Cookee, Brownee, Cheesh! (Cheese)

Still signing but also saying “More” and “Please” plate, BaBa (bottle)

Most  Yes/No questions answered with “Oh-Kaaay”

Eyesh, noshe (nose), mouf, toes, bb (belly button) Baaaaahhh! Moo, Caw Caw,  BeepBeep, Percy

When you get excited you do a little tap dance type thing with your feet. You also put your arms out, grit your teeth and shake excitedly.

you ask us to play with you by saying “Play dit-dit (trains) Dada?” “Play Bau?!”




19 months old! (a little late)


Holidays are in full swing and you’re pretty excited about the Christmas Daba! Daba is your word for “tree” . You love the sparkly lights and when you come upstairs in the morning you make the sign for “light” so I’ll plug in the tree. You also like your mulit-colored lights by your changing table. They are a great distraction as you are currently fighting your worst diaper rash yet, this one with blood 🙁

Calling the kitties “Mau Mauuu”

Sounding out as many letters as you can, any time you see them.


Racing around saying “A Go Go Goooooo”

When a song ends you clap your hands and say “Yayyyy!”

One of my most favorite things you are doing now is using my legs, arms or shoulders to drive your cars along. You will find the seam on Daddy or my jeans and drive along it.




18 months old!

18 monthsYou are 18 months old- that’s 1  1/2 years!!! The biggest news is that a bunch of teeth are now coming in all at once – and they started with your upper molars. You poor thing, you’re beside yourself with discomfort. In 6 months you’ll be 2 years old, and in 5 months you will no longer be our only baby. I’m having a hard time accepting that, but soaking up all our time with just you.

Tantrums, giggles, “conversations”, adventures and snuggles. I can’t get enough of you Little Buddy.

Your first top molars are out now and you two top front teeth are finally almost fully out. You’ve got a lot happening in your mouth at once, but you’re still sleeping through the night like a champ!

Talking, talking, talking. Some of your most used words are: sign, stop, stop light, bump, arrow, one way, wok (walk), down, nom, mamma, dada, ma (moon), okaaay, hiii!, bye!…You especially use Hi & Bye when coming upstairs or going down for bed. You say “Hiii” and wave at the kitties a lot. You sometimes call them kitty or lately, “Mow Mow” Other daily phrases are “Yeahh” in response to questions, “okay” and “oh wow”

You’ve learned single consonant & vowel sounds so when you see the letters alone or in words you sound them out.

You’ve gotten so good at feeding yourself. You use your spoon real well for cereal, yogurt, ice cream  &  cottage cheese. You eat with your fork most of the time and we are working on drinking without sippies. You enjoy it and drink fine but there are a lot more spills!

You had your 18 month check up with your new Pediatrician and he said you were looking and doing perfect! I was surprised to learn that you are not as tall for your age as I thought you were. But it turns out your head is full of a very big brain 😉

Height:  32.5″ ( 53%ile)  Weight:  23 lb 15oz (46%ile) Head: 19.69″ (97.5%ile !!!!)

18mo cu 1

18mo cu 2

18mo cu 3


How big is Greyson???

SOOO BIG!!!!!!!!

18mo cu 4

17 months old!


At 17 months- 2 teeth (+ a few coming “soon”?!?) 4 very busy limbs ( frequently protesting a diaper change) 2 sparkly eyes, ~8 words in sign language, 1 good 2-3 hour daily nap, 12 super solid hours of nighttime sleep (going strong for 9 months now!) and 1 big, very loving, Happy Heart!

Journal week 70

70 weeks

You have really turned it on the last couple days, and are always in Go mode.  You are in full-time adventure mode! You suddenly have no fear or hesitation at the playground. I took you on a quick visit to our park and there you were.. exploring previously untouched boulders and climbing them. Then you went straight for the slides. starting from small, then medium and even the biggest one, you climbed all the way up and then slid down all by yourself!

You’re using more and more sign language “car” “shoes” “Thank you” and always surprising us by saying new words. “Doggy” “Okay” and “Uh Oh!” is your newest, and most frequently used – always in appropriate context.

Journal week 69 :: 16 months old!

imageAt 16 months old – You love signs, playing with your trains and dribbling & kicking your soccer ball. You babble a lot, nuzzle with your kitties and dabble with crayons. You are so. full. of. life!


Journal week 67 & 68

image imageYou love your little tykes soccer ball! You kick, dribble and pass the ball to Mommy & Daddy like a big boy.

Trains! You’ve embraced the world of trains with a new track and more train cars to play with.  Of course the greatest addition to you toys is  a set of wooden  signs. SIGNS!!!!!


Journal week 66

imageYou had your first real Big Boy haircut! It went really well thanks to a squeeze pouch to snack on and Daddy’s great idea to google “sign” images and scroll through them as a distraction. That had your full, undivided attention and your haircut was complete with no meltdowns. You got a pretty big trim which took off your blonde highlights and your wispy  “wings” that had a slight curl.

You are really into your bike right now. You ask us to help you onto it by patting the seat, once on your grab the handlebars and… Sit. Sometimes you will walk backwards but you like to sit and don’t mind too much if we push or pull you.

You’re loving chillaxing or playing on the couch and still need a little boost getting your long legs up.

New words are button,  yogurt, bubble

i was going through animal sounds with you and snorted like a pig. You put your fingers and hand on your nose and inhaled to make a snort which made you giggle. Sometimes you do this out of the blue, and sometimes when eating.


15 months old!

140723 6 15mo

on your 15 month birthday we had a nice picni lunch at the park. Here are your stats:


32″ tall

Love bananas, apples,

New words: bug, and making sound when you see fish like blowing bubble